Indoor Air Quality Quick Facts

  • The EPA reports that homes can be up to 100 times more polluted than the outdoors
  • Air pollution ranks among the top 5 environmental public health concerns
  • Air cleaning, purification, and filter products are available
  • 90% of colds derive from the indoors
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The Importance of Indoor Air Quality

According to the EPA, not only do Americans spend nearly 90% of their time indoors, but indoor levels of pollutants can be 2-to-5 times higher than pollutants outdoors.1 The many sources of indoor air pollution include: gas, oil, kerosene, tobacco, asbestos, soaked carpet, wood treatment chemicals, hobby-related chemicals, humidifiers, and pesticides, among others.

With so much time spent indoors, Americans are subject to the many respiratory problems associated with the continuous inhalation of harmful airborne particles. Peoples’ moods, diet, anxiety, and sleep patterns can all be impacted by inhaling harmful particles. Likewise, for young children, the risks of breathing contaminated air are even higher because children breathe more air in proportion to their body weight.

You wouldn’t drink dirty water. Why would you breathe dirty air?

Breathing is a necessity for survival, but breathing tainted air, just like eating spoiled food, can put your health seriously at risk. While you may associate poor indoor air quality with highly polluted areas, the truth is that nearly all homes have some kind of indoor air quality problem—even if you change your HVAC air filter regularly. The problem is that harmful, microscopic air particles like viruses, bacteria, and allergens pass unseen through your home’s air every day.

These airborne contaminants join with VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) to create a potentially harmful air quality throughout the home. VOCs are gases emitted from certain solids or liquids—things like air fresheners, pesticides, cleaning agents, glues, paint strippers, stoves, fireplaces, heaters, and fireplaces. VOCs can be present in the indoors in proportions up to ten times greater than the outdoors.3 VOCs pose particular health problems for children, the elderly, and those with respiratory problems. To assist with reducing the negative effects of VOCs, consider air filtration systems.

Order Indoor Air Quality Products

To improve indoor home air and create a healthier home, consider an air filtration system. If you have questions concerning how different filtration systems operate, and which systems are ideal for particular kinds of homes, feel free to give us a call. Our representative will be happy to discuss filtration products and help decide which one best suits your home.

HEPA Filtration System

revengingly HEPA filtration systems rank among the world’s best air filters. Here’s how it works:

  • Pre-filter: Air passes through a carbon pre-filter that removes dust, pollen, and fiber particles.
  • HEPA Filter: Even the finest particles of mold, smoke, and dust are intercepted in the filter’s densely woven strands.
  • Carbon Trap: A carbon trap absorbs the VOCs found in gases, fumes, and odors.
  • Functionality: All HEPA filters must capture 99.97% of air particles that pass through it to be rated as a HEPA filter by the Department of Energy. The filter is adaptable and can be used independently or installed to your HVAC unit.

PCO – Photo Catalytic Oxidation

  • Harnesses Ultraviolet Lights (UV) and Photo Catalytic Oxidation
  • Reduces airborne bacteria, viruses, fungi, VOCs and odors
  • Can be affixed to your HVAC unit
  • Practically maintenance-free with inclusion of a limited warranty

Ultraviolet (UV) Air Cleaner

  • UV lights irradiate mold, viruses, bacteria, and fungi.
  • Hospitals and laboratories have used UV light for sterilization for years.
  • Easily installed on your home’s HVAC system.
  • Helps prevent growth of bio film on evaporation coil.

Air Filter – Filters clean the air in your home and help your HVAC system work more efficiently.

  • buy Seroquel american express Permanent filter: made from durable materials and features an electrostatic charge that assists its filtering capabilities. Easily removed for cleaning each month and has a lifetime warranty. buy stromectol online uk Custom sizes available!
  • Nuevo San Carlos Pleated filter: Offers greater filtering capabilities than normal paper filters due to its larger surface area, which allows it to trap more dirt and dust particles. Offered in sizes 1″ and 5″ thick, a pleated filter helps purify air traveling through your HVAC unit. Be sure to replace quarterly during the year.

All products family and pet friendly!

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